Todd Thimios

Todd Thimios has crafted a profession out of his love for the ocean and its marine life. Over the past decade Todd has worked all over the world specialising in underwater film, photography and dive instruction.

Originally a dive instructor based for over 5 years on Lord Howe Island 400 miles off the east coast of Australia, it was here that Todd spent hundreds of hours underwater photographing its unique beauty and developing a strong passion for underwater film and photography. What followed in later years was a number of projects that took him around the world, with most recently Todd completing a 3 year circumnavigation on board a private vessel diving some of the worlds best and most remote dive locations.

Today Todd has extensive experience in technical diving and underwater filming. He is an experienced personal closed circuit rebreather instructor and dive instructor for high end cliental as well as an underwater camera man specialising with RED 5K cameras.

Amongst this wide range of qualifications, Todd has also achieved other unique credentials. Such as a Submersible Pilots license logging a large number of dives to depths as deep as 380 meters and working alongside some of the worlds most renown underwater cinematographers.


Todd is currently based in Australia. His work varies from an assortment of different sized projects around the world and ultimately leads to anything that involves time being spent underwater with a camera in hand.



Red Epic Underwater Cameraman 

Seamagine Submersible Pilot 

Submatix Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor

Padi Open Water Dive Instructor

Australian Coxswain License

Dry Suit Certified