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Specialising in underwater photography, film and private dive expeditions, Todd Thimios has developed a career out of a passion for the ocean.

Born and raised in Australia, Todd has spent over the past ten years travelling and working extensively around the world. He has lived and worked in locations like the Maldives, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Mexico, Bahamas, Patagonia and throughout the South Pacific and Asia.

Originally a dive instructor on Lord Howe Island 600km off the east coast of Australia, it was here that he developed a strong passion for underwater film and photography. What followed in later years was a number of projects that took him around the world. Most recently he completed a three-year circumnavigation on-board a private vessel diving some of the worlds best and most remote locations.

Todd has an extensive knowledge in technical diving and underwater filming. He is an experienced closed circuit rebreather instructor and dive instructor for high-end clientele, as well as an accomplished underwater cameraman specialising in 5K high definition cameras working alongside some of the world’s most renowned underwater cinematographers.

Amongst this range of qualifications, Todd has also achieved other unique credentials. In 2012 Todd became a certified Deep Sea Submersible Pilot and has logged over 100 dives to date to depths as deep as 380 meters.

‘’ For me having the opportunity to pilot a submarine to huge depths around the world is such an incredible privilege. Dropping down vertical walls to over 300 meters in remote Indonesia watching the environment change and the light disappear. Sitting the sub down on the bottom of the sea in Galapagos and watching schooling hammerheads and curious seals. These are experiences that I’ll hold forever! ‘’

Recently Todd has been awarded for his underwater photography in numerous different categories and competitions and has started carrying out private photography expeditions. He continues to travel to remote locations and is involved in a variety of new projects that are developed towards awareness and conservation of our oceans.

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